Ta Lu Prawn Noodles

Occasionally, when I have the time (or when I’m in need of a brief respite from work), I attend week day mass at China Square. It’s a quick thirty minute service, but amazingly, the space is often crowded and full. Lunch after service often has to be quick and nearby. As such, I was pleasantly surprised to discover this pretty good prawn noodle eatery on the second floor of China Square. Most weeks it’s pretty crowded, but sometimes the queue is not that long and that’s when I brave the lines to get my prawn mee fix.  Continue reading

Asia Grand

Happy Monkey Year to all! This is the one time in a year where for a whole two weeks, we probably eat the same menu for at least four times, especially if you’re Chinese, come from big families and work in a local company. Continue reading

Tung Lok Xi He Peking Duck

It’s always hard to say goodbye to a friend, but life happens and when that friend calls the gang up for the last dinner before she flies out of Singapore, you try your hardest to make it, even when work is literally killing you. So this is what happened two weeks ago, the RGL gang met up for one last time for a local-ish dinner at Tung Lok Xi He to have some peking duck and chilli crab. Even J made it, despite just flying back from Myanmar that afternoon and being done with food poisoning. Continue reading