Basel: Fischerstube

One of the things that I feel really lucky about my trip to Switzerland was the weather. When I first arrived, I had a planned my entire week, but I had to rearrange that after Iz told me that the weather forecast wasn’t looking good and to save the good days for the mountains and the not so good days for the cities. However, the entire week when I was in Switzerland, I had good weather throughout. The rain forecast kept being pushed further and further back. Everyday turned out to be warm and sunny for the most part. Some days were cloudy, but the rain that kept threatening to fall never came. The weekend when I went to Basel with Iz and P was not exception.  Continue reading

Lucerne: Wirtshaus Taube

While in Switzerland, I equipped myself with a train travel pass. What this means is that for 8 days in Switzerland, I was able to travel throughout the country using the public train, tram, subway, bus and ferry. Pretty and cool and convenient for the newbie traveller (like myself). Continue reading

Zurich: Pavillon

While in Zurich, I was really keen to try some fine dining options. There are several restaurants that have been granted Michelin star status, so it was really hard trying to decide which to go for. In the end, I decided to try out Pavillon, as it had received some pretty good reviews and the pictures of the interior looked really pretty – Yes, admittedly, I can be a sucker for good marketing.  Continue reading

Zurich: Frau Gerolds Garten

It’s now the start of a new term in school, my last term in fact. Soon I’ll be re-joining the working world again. In anticipation of that, I spent my last two weeks of summer vacation in Switzerland and Germany. It started out pretty dramatically in a non-food related kind of way, but after two weeks and looking back at my photos, I’m absolutely excited to be starting a new travel food series on my recent travels to Switzerland and Germany. Continue reading