Kheng Fatt Hainanese Beef Noodles

I dragged M here a couple of weeks back to purchase some hiking boots for my upcoming trip overseas. I’m not very good at bargaining but I convinced M that with an “auntie” presence, the lady boss might be more inclined to give me a discount on the shoes.

After a successful purchase, we walked downstairs and decided to have a quick lunch at the market before heading back. Not many stalls were open and there only interesting one was the Hainanese beef noodles at the corner. Nevertheless, we did walk one round around the market, before we decided to have beef noodles for lunch.  Continue reading

Dulcet & Studio

Coming here wasn’t my original intention. We had intended to go to Cake Spade (which ended up being closed, then for our second choice, we went to the Fabulous Baker Boy at Clarke Quay, but when we got there at around 2pm, we were told by the service staff that they were not accepting any more new customers – too full – and by the time any table would be free, the kitchen would be closed by then. G was quite incredulous when she heard when we got turned away – that seriously rarely happens. That’s how we ended up at Dulcet & Studio. Luckily, the third time’s a charm and we managed to snag a table and some delicious cakes for our mother-daughter(s) catch up.  Continue reading

Santouka Ramen

The blurb explaining the birth of Ramen Santouka goes like this:

“One day, after watching Tampopo (a Japanese movie about a quirky ramen establishment), Santouka’s founder, Hitoshi Hatanaka and his family stopped at a ramen shop for a quick meal. Unsatisfied with the taste of the shop’s ramen, Hatanaka declared the next time he would be the one making ramen for his family.” Continue reading