Hot Tomato Cafe & Grill

Despite living very close to NEX, I’ve probably visited the shopping centre less than 5 times. When Y arranged to meet me there for lunch today, I realized what an stupid ostrich I’ve been. The mall is like super huge and there are like so many different eateries – definitely points for variety.  Continue reading


iSteaks started out as a hawker stall selling value for money grilled meats and fish before their overwhelming popularity led to them opening this more comfortable outlet at myVillage. G decided to ‘blanjah’ us dinner so he decided to take us there for dinner that night Continue reading

SYNC Korean Tapas Bar

I’m a planner by nature and usually when eating out, I usually plan in advance where to go and what to eat. It’s not always that easy to plan where to eat – eating preferences, location, budget etc…. Hence, I sometimes get a little angsty when put in the position of deciding where to eat on the spot. Last Sunday was one such spontaneous event when the family decided to go out for lunch and the task for deciding where fell to me. Sunday is always tricky – most of the good cafes would be full and involve a bit waiting time with no reservations. You don’t really want to drag your family out far away from the neighbourhood only to make them wait an hour for a table. In the end, we decided to hit Serangoon Gardens to try this new Korean place on Maju Avenue. Continue reading


Was in the mood for Italian and wasn’t keen to travel too far from home. Ravello seemed like a good place to try since it was located nearby and had received positive reviews. The restaurant is named after Chef Cesare Cantarella’s hometown, which is a town located above the Amaifi coast. When we first arrived, the restaurant seemed pretty empty so I thought that was odd. However, it was a weekday night hence I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. There seemed to be only one waiter, but service was still pretty efficient (I think there were about 3 tables of customers when we arrived). Continue reading


Arbite is one of those places which gets a lot of mixed reviews.It has obviously done well enough to warrant opening a second branch, but there is also the other side who argue that the prices and its fusion cuisine leaves a lot to be desired. Since it was on the entertainment app, I decided to give it another shot since I had not eaten there for a long time and its serangoon gardens branch was a convenient location for L and I to catch up for dinner. Continue reading