Ipoh Lou Yau bean sprouts chicken

Singapore is often known as a ‘melting pot’. That is, a place where all cultures and traditions come together. Sometimes, new ones get created, other times, the existing ones persevere through because they are just so well kept. The same goes for food. Despite our immigrant history, Singapore does have some dishes that are uniquely ours – hokkien mee, carrot cake, bak chor mee, chicken rice just to name a few. When I was overseas, I missed these dishes with great longing. My Malaysian friends (also Singapore’s closest neighbours) often beg to disagree, complaining that Singapore food is too bland, and Malaysian food just has so much more flavour in it. Hence, when this new eatery selling Ipoh hor fun opened up near my house, it seemed like a good opportunity to try something which has often been raved about, but I’ve never had the chance to try. Continue reading

Siam Society

There are nights where you go out to town and be seen, there are nights where you just want to go somewhere nearby in a t-shirt and shorts for dinner. Last Friday was a “let’s go somewhere near night”. For a neighbourhood establishment, it was very crowded and luckily we got a table in less than thirty minutes. And the restaurant continued to be full even while we were eating. Families kept coming in to queue up for a table the entire time we were there – certainly a very popular spot.

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Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters 2.0

So it really wasn’t a question whether I would come back again despite my previous experience at Pacamara. I mean, I do live quite close here and I wasn’t just going to dismiss it completely just because of that one time. It turned out that I had more errands to run in the area last week, so I popped again and this time, I decided to try one of their more popular specials – the truffle eggs benedict ($18). I did toy with the idea of getting the red velvet pancakes, but I’m more of a savoury person than sweet (even for brunch meals) so I decide to push the red velvet pancakes to another time. I guess this time, because I knew what to do (IE: order at the counter, get your own water, pepper and salt on the side shelf etc), I didn’t feel so out of place. Continue reading

Cat and the Fiddle

Planning a surprise birthday party and we were wondering where should we get the cake from. “What about cheesecake?” A suggested and directed me to the Cat and the Fiddle website. Cat and the Fiddle offers an interesting variety of cheesecakes and a good majority have an alcohol element in them, such as the Emperor’s Romance (a lychee martini cheesecake) and the Russian whiskers (a vodka mango cheesecake). However, we were expecting children and pregnant mothers to have a go at the cake too, hence we got the non-alcoholic Queen of Hearts – a strawberry cheesecake. Continue reading

Fat Boys

We wanted a place where we could sit down quickly without having to wait around much and fat boys happened to have an available table, so that became our lunch place for Sunday. I’ve eaten here many times and the fun part of coming here is to try its bespoke burgers. It’s not just any ordinary beef patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese and bread bun combo guys! Fat Boys really tries to mix things up by including different ingredients and combinations. Continue reading

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters

Had to run some errands on a Wednesday morning and decided to pop by this new cafe for a quick breakfast. For the longest time, this corner outlet on Upper Thomson Road used to be Liquid Kitchen, and I remember many a time when we popped by for a drink after church or dinner a few doors down. So now, the entire place has been revamped into a white minimalist coffee place. The decor is very simple, a long communal table with a few side tables at the back. They also have a short retail shelf selling coffee merchandise, chocolates etc. They have servers but stuff like water and condiments is pretty much self service. I felt quite the noob when I was there because I was asking where was this and that and the servers were pointing me to places where I couldn’t see. I swear I got a bit of an exasperated look from the coffee guy when I asked him whether the cafe offered pepper and he said that everything was self service behind me. Yes, it’s my first time here guys! Continue reading