Ah Seah Teochew Porridge

The feeling of lethargy often hits me a bit more after being back from an intensive trip as the one I had in Japan. Our flight back from Osaka landed at 5.30am in the morning in Singapore. By the time I got back home, I was ready to just sleep for a very long long time.  Continue reading


I used to avoid eating at Grub because the waiting time was often horrendously long and its location was such that there were no nearby alternatives. If you went to Grub, you had to eat at Grub because it was like the only place in the middle of Bishan Park. Continue reading

Canton Paradise

The beauty of having yum char is that you get variety and a lot of it. The bigger the group the better. Even if there is some dish you don’t really like, there will be other dishes to try. For this reason, in a big family with varying tastes, yum char is always a good idea. As usual, the issue is where to go. Admittedly, for this lunch, we chose Canton Paradise as it was located near home where it would be easy for everyone to meet up. Hence, we really had no expectations about the food. Continue reading

Nine Fresh Desserts

We are now in the middle of the year where on top of the normally soaring temperature, it gets really really humid and hot in Singapore. I met this guy from overseas yesterday who complained incessantly about it. Today, while on my way home from church, I was filling rather thirsty and in the need for something cooling. Hence, decided to get some grass jelly dessert as a treat. Continue reading

One Man Coffee

When F suggested meeting for breakfast, my mind immediately starting calculating which cafes were nearest my house. The less time I needed to get to the place, the better. Totally not a morning person. Ultimately, that decision was made for us because as it turns out, not many cafes open at 9am. For example, Habitat cafe only opens at 11am. Other than Pacamara (check out my previous posts on them here and here), One Man Coffee was the only other place that deigned to cater to early risers like F. Continue reading

Paradise Inn

Interestingly, Paradise Group is a fairly huge business organization with many Chinese restaurants to its name but I’ve yet to try many of its ventures, Paradise Inn being one of them. As alluded to in some my previous posts, my family and I have different taste buds. While I would usually veer towards a western cuisine, G on the other hand, always instinctively veers towards Asian cuisines. Continue reading

Hong Kong Street Sum Kee

I confess that out of all the proteins I’ve had, fish is my least favourite. It is not usually my number one choice for a main. It’s not that I detest the taste of fish, but it has always got to do with the freshness and the texture of the protein itself. Fish, is quite a delicate protein and is easily under or over cooked. Freshness is also something that cannot be easily masked. Fishy smells are very strong. As such, I’ve had my fair share of ‘not so satisfactory’ fish dishes and remain quite skeptical of them. Continue reading