Nan Hwa Fishboat

Casual get together with the girls and J suggested checking out Nan Hwa Fishboat which has gotten pretty good reviews. Thank goodness she made a booking, the restaurant was very crowded when we reached and there were people outside waiting for a table. Continue reading

Cafe Melba

The girls and I were at Goodman Arts Centre for a pottery session where we learned basic throwing – which is basically how to transform a lump of clay into a recognizable shape using the potter’s wheel. What started as a pretty intimidating session, for me at least, turned out to be really fun.  Continue reading

Temptations L’Artisan Cake Atelier

“Do you know that we have been around for 30 years!”

The salesgirl told me proudly as she handed me the bag of cakes I had bought. Amused and surprised at her enthusiasm, I could only manage a smile and a nod of my head in acknowledgment as I left the shop. It was purely by surprise that I discovered this shop while I was walking back to the car after lunch at Guan Hoe Soon (just a few doors down). It was also purely by coincidence that I discovered the entertainment app was having a monthly promotion for this particular cake shop while standing outside the very same shop and I was curious enough to see what the store was offering.  Continue reading

Guan Hoe Soon

Was in the mood for Nonya, after having a brief deja vu of the wonderful Nonya cuisine I enjoyed at Lime’s buffet. M suggested going back East to Guan Hoe Soon which she had spied during our last lunch outing enroute to Sinpopo. Guan Hoe Soon had been around since 1953 (more than half a century) and M remembered the restaurant as Guan Hoe Soon also caters for parties and some of her friends had used Guan Hoe Soon previously to good reviews. Continue reading


The moment we stepped into Sinpopo for lunch, M exclaimed that she remembered the place and she remembered it from the 1960s. In 1960s, Sinpopo used to be a bar, a very (in)famous bar. However, the Sinpopo today is a local fusion cafe run by the people of Awfully Chocolate. M actually asked one of the (young) staff if the cafe today was associated with the Sinpopo of the 1960s to which he replied, “No”. Haha. Wonder if he knew what she was actually referring to.

Continue reading