Taipei: 红翻天生猛海鲜Hong Fan Tian Live Seafood

This was a restaurant located really near our hotel which our friends brought us to for dinner. Feels like one of those fresh seafood places we see around in Singapore, where you select which seafood you like and they cook it on the spot. Of course, the freshness is likely to be better and as we found out, the prices were very very decent as well. We rushed here (kinda) after a day of taking photos around the CKS Memorial Hall, including this rather funny shot below:


The restaurant is located in a residential area of Taipei (no bars around at night), but it was a very popular restaurant and we therefore had to be there by an allocated time in order to get our table.

We were a big group of 10, so we ordered quite a lot of dishes to share. The dish portions can be a little small for a big group, but we went for variety than quantity, so we got to try more things!

Drunken chicken / Minced meat rolls with mayo and sprinkles (yes sprinkles. Apparently, it’s a very Taiwanese thing to have)
Taiwan 20161

Grilled pork chops – these were amazing.

Stuffed “you tiao” roll. Also equally delicious.

Now on to some proper stir fry – pork belly with stir fried vegetables

Of course, we also had a round of vegetables to balance out all the fatty goodness that we were having.
Taiwan 2016

The restaurant also sells soft drinks and beer, so we opened quite a few bottles. The restaurant was also friendly enough to let us bring our own hard liquor in addition to the bottles we had purchased. Needless to say, there were many rounds of “bottoms up” happening.  The bill came up to less than $10 per person which was very surprising, considering the amount we ate and drank. Definitely recommended for anyone looking for a no fuss meal in Taipei with friends and family.

Add: No. 239, Jilin Rd., Zhongshan Dist, Taipei, Taiwan

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