Super Simple

I’ve discovered a new takeaway lunch place and it’s conveniently located near China Square, which is perfect whenever I attend lunch time services in town. The concept is really similar to the likes of the Daily Cut and Wafuken. Basically, you pick your protein, sides and accompanying sauce. While perhaps not having as much variety as Daily Cut, I’e come to appreciate the generous portions and the quick efficiency of service at Super Simple.


The method of ordering is simple, fill up an ordering form, pay at the cashier and then queue up for your takeaway box. If the amount of choices is too much for you, the kitchen has ready made selections put together for each protein.

My first time there, I tried one of their recommended selections, which was roast beef, cherry tomatoes, long beans, sweet potatoes and onions. I asked for honey mustard sauce which was perfect with the roast beef.


Subsequently, I’ve tried other combinations such as poached salmon, asparagus, mushrooms, wheat pasta, corn and pesto sauce


Baked chicken thigh, avocado, sweet potato, asparagus, mushrooms, corn and a citrus sauce.


I suppose that is considered a healthy option as well, but I like it more just for its generous portions and its simple tasty goodness. Definitely one of my favourite places to grab takeaway lunch when I’m in the vicinity.

Add: 51 Telok Ayer Street, China Square Food Centre

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