Ash & Elm

So a few weeks after my Masterchef experience, we actually went back to Intercontinental Hotel, this time to the actual Ash & Elm restaurant for lunch. This time, it had none of the Masterchef decor and it was a much quieter atmosphere. I guess that if not for G’s amex deal, we would not have come here at all. As expected, the restaurant was pretty empty, save for a few families and couples (perhaps also using the same discount and deal that we had). IMG_0144

We started with a “surf” platter which was a mixture of cured seafood, ranging from salmon to marlin, tuna tataki and sea bass. I liked how there was a whole range of toppings / sauces to go with the cured seafood. It was pretty fun mixing and matching everything together.

To carry on the seafood theme, I decided to try the restaurant’s lobster bisque scented with cognac. I didn’t really get the cognac taste but the bisque had good depth and flavour which I much enjoyed.

For our mains, we had the following:

Pan seared jumbo scallops (sashimi grade Hokkaido scallops) with cauliflower, capers, lemon, croutons, parsley and brown butter. At times like these, this is when the Singaporean in me comes out guns blazing and laments that “what, $36 for 3 scallops!”. You can be sure that I ate every single scrap of the scallop on the plate.

Salmon fillet with grapefruit hollandaise and mixed vegetables. Very standard fare that we see on most menus. Grapefruit hollandaise was interesting; the texture of the sauce was quite thick and felt more like a tartar dip than a sauce.

Slow grilled Spanish Iberico pork chop with paprika potatoes and sauteed mushrooms.

Chicken cooked with thyme and rosemary, polenta, sweet corn with bacon and mushroom sauce.

In all, I wouldn’t say that the dishes were bad, but they were pretty standard fare that one finds in a restaurant and hence, not very memorable. Rather, what we appreciated more was the relaxing and quiet atmosphere of the restaurant, thus giving our family a chance to catch up and bond over Sunday lunch.

Add: 80 Middle Rd, Intercontinental Hotel

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