Kyuu Kei Udon x Soba

I’ve written about the sore lack of tsukemen in Singapore, despite the dish being quite perfect for Singapore’s weather. I may have to take that back. A new restaurant has opened up below my office building which specialises in tsukemen. It has a short menu. You start by choosing your broth – (a) tonkotsu broth or (b) lobster broth. Next, pick your protein – (i) pork chashu or (ii) fried chicken kaarage. Add ons include onsen eggs etc. 

I’ve been here quite a few times for lunch. It’s not exactly the best place for a sit down, there are limited seats and the design of the seating area is a little unusual. However, it seems that the restaurant has anticipated this and serves its food in takeaway boxes and even recommends its customers to take away.


My first time here, it was a little past 1pm. I went for the tonkotsu broth and originally, I had wanted the chashu but was informed by the chefs that they had run out and were down to just one single piece. So grudgingly, I had the kaarage instead. I guess my disappointment was quite evident, since the chef decided to give me that lone piece of chashu on top of the kaarage and even threw in a free egg. So I came back to the office with quite a hearty lunch box.

Between the chashu and the kaarage, I much preferred the chashu. I thought it complimented the tsukemen noodles better. There were some fusion bits in there, like the mashed egg and the cherry tomatoes, but those did not bother me too much.

It’s a bit of a tricky manoeuvre trying to get to the noodles and then dipping them into the broth, but after a few tries, I found it quite manageable (even on a messy office table).

On a separate occasion, I was able to try the lobster dipping broth, which I note is becoming quite the trend now in Singapore – everything lobster that is. The thing is, between the two, I still prefer the tonkotsu broth, which I feel has a certain heartiness to it and seems to be more suited for tsukemen, rather than lobster broth (which I see more as a ramen broth instead). The lobster broth has a higher price point as well, which can be a deterrent.

It’s always good to have variety around the office area, especially during lunch time when it’s difficult to stay out long. Really hope the tsukemen trend continues to build in Singapore!


Add: #B2-67, 8 Marina Blvd, One Raffles Quay, Singapore

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