My Little Spanish Place

Friday night dinner with J (which I almost didn’t make because of a last minute client call). I decided to have it at My Little Spanish Place at Boat Quay, which actually has a nice ambiance overlooking the Singapore river. 

The only thing to note about the restaurant is that it’s not the place for private conversations. Definitely not. Tables are barely 5 cm apart and so, be prepared to hear and be heard for the rest of your dinner.

Nonetheless, let’s move on to the food, which was pleasantly tasty and enjoyable. The restaurant is primarily a tapas place, so we got quite a number of tapas plates to share between the both of us:

Croquetas de Jamon (ham croquettes) – lightly friend jamon-stuffed creamy croquettes. These were the first to arrive and were pretty good. Crispy outside and creamy centre. It was perfect.

IMG_0353Esparragos a la plancha – grilled asparagus with garlic dressing topped with crispy serrano jamon and machego cheese. Another winning dish. Asparagus was cooked perfectly.

Fried chorizo – fried spicy spanish sausage

Pimientos de padron – sauteed galician peppers with sea salt. This came with a recommendation from our waitress, who said that it would go best with the chorizos. What we didn’t expect was the amount of peppers that came on the plate. It was quite a lot! In the end, that was the one tapas dish that we did not finish.

Meatballs in tomato sauce – the tomato sauce was really delicious and it was great soaking the bread in it for the one extra swipe.

Grilled iberico pork smoked with apple wood, served with peppers and crispy shaved potatoes. The pork was tender, moist and very flavourful. Even though this was the last dish to arrive, this was still easy to finish up. IMG_0366

Despite the gross lack of privacy (from the side glances that the couple beside us kept giving, and all the flirtatious comments that we heard from their conversation), the food is very enjoyable and their sangria is also very good. Service is also relatively friendly. Not exactly the best place for a romantic date, but perhaps if you’re with a big group of friends, this might be the place.

Add: 54 Boat Quay

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