Hanoi: Banh Mì 25

This is the second post in an overseas trip to Hanoi, Vietnam.

My last day in Hanoi, I had an early afternoon flight so it meant that we would be checking out early in the morning. Rather than stay in for the hotel breakfast, I decided to take a trip to the Old Quarter for some banh mi. I had heard a lot about Banh Mi 25 so I already had a place in mind. 

Like most places in Hanoi, it’s just a food stall at the side of the street. The thing about Banh Mi 25 is that you get to enjoy your banh mi in the next door cafe (which I’m sure is run by the same family). And yes, wi-fi is available if you just ask one of the staff.

There are 4 variations of banh mi you could have here:

  1. Pate
  2. Barbecue pork and pate
  3. Jamon and pate
  4. Combination of jamon, barbecue pork and pate

My first banh mi was the combination of jamon, barbecue pork and pate. It comes nicely wrapped in a nice basket. I was expecting the bread to be super hard, but it was not. It had a good crusty texture and yet not overly dry / dense. The pate was amazing and the whole banh mi was really really delicious.

So good, I actually got another one to go.  To me, the pate was the star of the banh mi, it really made it taste so much better. So glad I got to try this before I left!

Add: 25 Hàng Cá, Hàng Đào, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

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