“In the mood for ramen, in the mood for ramen… let’s have ramen for dinner!”

Was what was going through my mind a few weekends ago. And it just so happened that I happened to be near Chabuton and therefore asked the family to join me here. Yipee.


Chabuton feels like one of those restaurants that was super super popular when it first opened. Back then, everyone wanted bragging rights at having eaten at the restaurant of the chef who was crowned the King of Ramen and whose restaurant was also featured in the Michelin guide. Today, it does not seem to enjoy the popularity that it once did, and is just another ramen restaurant in the sea of ramen restaurant in Singapore. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. If anything, we Singaporeans  love the variety. It’s almost like being in Japan where even if the supposed popular ramen place is full, there’s always another popular ramen place down the road.

We started off with some small starters – gyozas and karaage (Japanese fried chicken).


As for the ramen, we tried three different types of ramen stock – shoyu, tonkotsu and the kara kara ramen. We even had their famous braised pork belly, which I found to be really flavourful and tender.

Chabuton is famous for their tonkotsu which I found to be good, but I wouldn’t say that that it’s the best I’ve had. I also found myself quite partial to the shoyu ramen which has a lighter flavour than the tonkotsu but still good all the same.


Overall, we all enjoyed the meal and I was able to satisfy my ramen craving here. Worth coming back again if I’m in the vicinity.

Add: 313 Orchard Road B2-01, 313@somerset

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