REYKJAVÍK: Grillmarkaðurinn

This is the eighth post in the overseas trip series to Iceland and London

Every time I think about Iceland, I always remember the beautiful sunsets when we were up in the north. The days were short, but with good planning, we were able to see several beautiful landscapes of the country.

Being the expensive country that Iceland is, we did not eat out everyday. We did a pretty even split of cooking meals at our air bnb and booking specific restaurants that we had read / heard about and wanted to try.

One of these was Grillmarkaðurinn. When asking around for tips on where to eat in Iceland, one was the names that we kept hearing was Grillmarkaðurinn. One friend even went so far as to say “don’t short change yourself, just go for the tasting menu.” With such strong recommendations, we really had to try it for ourselves.

One thing we noticed between Grillmarkaðurinn and Matur Og Drykkur was that Grillmarkaðurinn was bigger and definitely more well known among the tourists. Once there, we did not hesitate and went for the tasting menu

First, we started with some flatbread with juniper berries and smoked lamb

Followed by smoked trout with spiced bread and tartar sauce. Loved the colours, plus the spiced bread gave the dish a festive vibe.

Duck salad with mozzarella, cranberries, orange and shallots.

Crispy traditional dried fish and squid. Another festive dish with the red and green colours. dscf1163

Minke whale steak  with soy sauce dip. It was my first time having whale, so I was a bit apprehensive by how gamey it might taste. Surprisingly, it was done quite well; the texture and taste was almost like a beef tartare.

Next up was one of my favourite dishes of the evening – Cod with sliced green apple and shellfish sauce. Fish was cooked perfectly and I really liked the combination of the seafood with the green apple

Goose with pork brisket and red cabbage. After putting the dish down, the waitress told us that this was wild goose and as such, to be careful of any stray pellets. Never had wild goose before, so I definitely looked at the goose a bit carefully before I ate it! Other than that, the goose was well cooked and super tasty with the red cabbage

Our last main for the night was grilled lamb with three types of dips. Lamb is pretty famous in Iceland and many people have raved about the good lamb dishes they’ve had in Iceland. I’m not the biggest fan of lamb so the goose and the cod remain my favourites of the night, but the rest of the table thought that the lamb was very well done.

For dessert, we had a set of 4 different types of desserts: fresh fruit with mango sorbet, rice pudding, chocolate bomb and cake. A very satisfying end to a tasting menu.

We were pretty glad we went with the tasting menu, it was a good way to have a taste of what the restaurant offers. Every dish was executed well and service was excellent. The restaurant has a wide range of cocktails which we were able to try. D also got the beer pairing along with his tasting menu, which allowed him to try the various Icelandic local beers as well. Definitely another good restaurant find in Reykavik!

Add: 2a, Lækjargata, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

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