London: Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

This is the sixth post in the overseas trip series to Iceland and London

If there was one restaurant that I really wanted to dine at in London, this was it. And since I was celebrating my birthday in London this year, this seemed like the perfect location to celebrate and have a nice meal at.

As luck would have it, L was able to join me for this foodie meal. We had very different lunch courses, so I’ll start with what she had, which was the set lunch offered by the restaurant (£40)

Starter: Hay Smoked Salmon (c.1730) with smoked beetroot, pickled lemon salad, parsley & sorrel

Main: Roast Quail (c.1590) – with butternut confit, pumpkin puree & chard

Dessert: Spiced Christmas Custard Tart (c.1730)

The set lunch is certainly value for money and we thought that all 3 courses were well executed and very delicious. We liked how the set menu still followed the theme of drawing inspiration from traditional English cuisine by noting the year of origin of the dishes.

I ordered my lunch courses from the main menu instead and this is what I got:

Starter: Plum meat fruit (c.1500) – chicken liver parfait wrapped with a red wine jelly and grilled bread (£18.50)

I told L from the get go that this was the one dish I really wanted to try. Usually, the liver parfait appears like a mandarin, but due to it being the Christmas season, it was served as a plum instead. Either way, it was still exciting to cut into the “plum”, revealing the chicken liver parfait. The liver parfait was creamy and it was hard not to finish the entire “plum”. I guess the restaurant actually anticipates that one piece of grilled bread is not enough because halfway through, another slice was quietly placed before me. Perfect!

Main: Powdered duck breast (c.1850) with braised and grilled red cabbage, duck heart, and pickled cherries (£38.00). Duck was cooked perfectly, loved the addition of the duck heart and the red cabbage

Dessert: Gingerbread ice cream (c.1600) with salted caramel, mulled wine poached pear, smoked walnut mousse and pickled pear (£13.50). Perhaps it’s the part me which loves pickled stuff, but I liked the contrast of the pickled pear very much. Wish I had more of those!

We were both pretty full after the courses, but the server actually informed us of the liquid nitrogen ice cream machine and we were both intrigued enough to try it out. It’s quite a fun experience with the ice cream being made in front of you. You even get to choose your topping. They had the usual chocolate / nuts, but a unique topping was the fennel seeds which provided a nice crunch and interesting aftertaste to the ice cream.

At the end, it was a bit of a messy experience since the ice cream melted pretty quickly but still a pretty fun experience regardless!


In all, it was a great birthday lunch at Dinner by Heston. The restaurant took care of us very well, and I was so happy that L was able to celebrate it with me as well. We ended the day by walking over to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park where I sat on a mini rollercoaster laughing and screaming at the same time.

Add: Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, 66 Knightsbridge, London

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