London: Brasserie Zédel

This is the second post in the overseas trip series to Iceland and London.

The fun thing about being and living in London is the ability to watch a musical / play at any time and at really affordable prices as well. One of things I really want to do while in London was watch as many plays as I could find the time to and afford as well.

If you’re in the same mood as I am, Picadilly Circus and Covent Garden are the places to hang out in. It’s rather nice to walk around and check out the different theatres while possibly looking out for some shopping as well.

The thing with plays is that they are often in the evening around 7 – 7.30pm. This calls for early dinner plans. And a good way to try restaurants in London is through their (Prix Fixe) theatre menu.


With this in mind, I made a booking at Brasserie Zedel, a french restaurant located just 5 minutes away from the theatre. The restaurant actually has several sections – a cafe section, a bar section and the main restaurant. It is a very big space and I was quite amazed when I walked in at 5.30pm. It was full and bustling.


Not wanting to stress out between waiting for dinner and rushing for the play, I went for the 3 course prix fixe menu (£12.75). Here’s what I got:

Starter: Carottes Rapees. Basically, this was shredded carrots with mustard sauce drizzled over it.


Main: Steak Hache, Sauce au Poivre et Frites. Minced beef patty cooked medium with a pepper sauce and fries. Pepper sauce was great and went well with the beef patty. Fries were nice and crunchy.


My favourite course of the meal was probably the dessert which was a plum tart with cream on the side. The tart was baked perfectly and was not overly sweet.


For its price, it was a pretty decent meal to have. It was filling and satisfying. Service was relatively efficient and friendly. I guess that servers understand that people usually want to leave quickly to get to their theatre on time. Bookings are recommended, so that you don’t have to wait around if you’re pressed for time.

Add: 20 Sherwood St, Soho, London

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