Pietro Ristorante Italiano

To celebrate the younger brother’s birthday, G suggested that we head to an Italian restaurant in the heartlands for dinner.

The restaurant has a nice rustic setting, creating a homely vibe with it. Servers are really friendly as well. Gosh, they even alerted us when the “ma-cik” was seen in the parking lot (not that we had to worry about them). 


We came here for the wood fired pizzas, but we also had a few other pasta / starter dishes to share before hand. For a starter, we started off with a pear and walnut salad. Light and refreshing. The walnuts added a nice crunch to the salad.


Another starter we had – baked mushrooms with cheese, prawns and crabmeat. A very unique creation, it was the first time we had come across this combination.


We also had some pasta dishes. We tried their lasagne (not pictured) and this gnocchi dish below.


Now for their pizza. We had two types, the first was a meat lovers estque pizza. Pizza topped with mince, ham, mushrooms.


The second pizza we had was the Bismark, which is pizza topped with ham, wild rocket and a sunny side up egg.

We enjoyed both types of pizza very much. The crust was thin, and the toppings were generous.


Overall, we did not have any complaints about the meal. It was hearty and delicious and the portions were generous. The restaurant also serves decently priced wine and apparently makes their own limoncello as well.

I guess Pietro demonstrates that one does not need to travel to Orchard / Tanjong Pagar to eat Italian food. Heartland restaurants work just fine! I must say that it is quite the convenient location for people living in the area.

Add: 12 Jln Kelulut

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