I acted like a noob when G brought me to this restaurant. While we were standing in line and picking what dishes to order, I told G that I wanted Korean fried chicken. As in turns out, this restaurant is not a fried chicken place. Instead, this place specializes in chicken galbi, or grilled marinated chicken. 


There are many variations of galbi but Yoogane is pretty famous for its cheese chicken galbi which we ordered. Visually, it’s pretty exciting. A large pan with the marinated chicken, vegetables is served, surrounded by the cheese.


The staff will help you to grill / stir fry the chicken, and slowly you watch as the cheese melts and the meat and vegetables are cooked.


When it’s like the picture above, you take some meat, and dip it (generously) into the cheese. The cheese phenomenon in Korean cuisine is actually pretty good. I thought it added an extra layer of deliciousness to the galbi.


Of course, we wiped the cheese clean. Other than the cheese chicken galbi, we also tried the spicy seafood and chicken galbi which was pretty good though I thought the cheese galbi had the edge. We also had several side dishes which were very good as well.

Dokboki! Korean rice cakes with marinated chicken and fresh vegetables. There is a spicy version but we chose to go without the spice that evening. Really good dish.


Korean style seafood pancake. This is a favourite of ours and we usually order this when we go to Korean restaurants. We felt that this was one of the better ones out there and enjoyed this dish very much as well.


The restaurant also offers a complimentary salad bar which we made full use of as well. We noticed that the cheese chicken galbi was a very popular dish and most tables ordered it. Definitely a very fun Korean food experience to enjoy with friends and family.

Add: Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street #02-47/48

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