Sanpoutei Ramen

Another ramen restaurant?

Gosh, how many different types of ramen can one have? Many types apparently and the variations keep growing. With so many different types of ramen concepts around, I’ve come to identify ramen establishments by their unique dish. Like I would go to RamenPlay if I wanted to have chilled ramen (their Hiyashi Chuka Ramen is one of my favourites); or Marutama for their chicken soup ramen. 


The dish that drew me to Sanpoutei Ramen was their rich dried sardine tsukemen. Tsukemen is not very popular in Singapore, but it’s one of my favourite ramen dishes. Hence, to have a restaurant make it one of their main dishes was pretty eye catching.

Tsukemen is a dipping noodle concept, where the noodles and the broth are served separately. Because the broth in this instance is very strong, you are meant to just dip your noodles into the broth and that is sufficient.

The broth in this instance comes from dried sardine and dried bonito. The noodles are thicker and more chewy than the average ramen noodle. Oh this was delicious, lots of delicious slurping.

Finishing the noodles is not the end. They also serve you wari soup which you’re supposed to pour into the tsukemen broth so as to dilute it and make it more palatable as a soup on its own. A good way to ensure that the broth is not wasted, since this is the best part of the dish! I had a similar experience while eating soba in Kobe and was excited to see a similar concept here.


Besides the tsukemen, they also serve a dry ramen dish – Maze soba aburi chashu. The noodle sauce is a little on the spicy side which can take some getting used to.


Not to worry, the restaurant also serves the traditional ramen soup. On the my last visit, I got to try their miso cha shu ramen. I found the stock to be thicker than the typical ramen broth. I also liked their cha shu and the tinge of charred smokiness that came with it – I think this is one of the restaurant’s strengths.


Having eaten here quite a few times already, my favourite dish here is still the tsukemen. I also quite like the location of the place. The orchard outlet is pretty secluded and the kitchen is opened till 10.30pm. Perfect for those looking for a late dinner or an early supper. Another thing worth mentioning is that the restaurant offers a pretty decent selection of sake and even a tasting set of 3 with prices from $19 (if you so wish)


Add:Shaw House (aka Isetan Orchard) 253 #B1-04/05 350 Orchard Rd.238868

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