Sunday Market

Sunday Market is not the easiest place to find. In fact, my first time there, I took a cab. It seemed faster and easier to take a cab than take the train, followed by the bus and then walk to the place. However, if secluded and quiet is the place you’re looking for, then this is definitely the place to go to.


The address does not seem to be directly off-putting. We were there on a saturday and the place enjoyed a healthy crowd of mostly young teenagers / yuppies.

Service can be a bit slow. We waved one of the servers down, only to have her forget about taking our orders. Our next server looked a little reluctant to take our order, but to give him and the restaurant credit, he did do so immediately.

If I could describe their food, it would be western brunch with a local twist. Many of the dishes on the brunch menu appear to be classic brunch dishes – french toast / breakfast platters / eggs benedict etc. However, look closer and hits of local foods start popping out at you.

One such dish we ordered was the French toast BBQ char siew chicken ($14). Thick french toast pieces with grilled char siew chicken topped with a runny egg. Pretty interesting concept which worked.


Next up, duck pancakes with orange hoisin ($13). Savoury pancakes with shredded duck leg, crispy eggs and orange infused hoisin sauce. The combination worked up to a certain extent. The combination of crispy egg, duck, pancake and sauce was sublime. Really good. However, the ratio of the ingredients on the plate did not feel right. There was more pancake batter than shredded duck and there were times when I found myself searching for more duck, sauce or crispy egg – anything to balance out the thick pancake which was rather tasteless on its own.


Grilled beef and cheese sandwich ($19) – one of the house specialities. Sliced roast beef, caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms, pesto mayonnaise and sliced swiss cheese.


We also had their cheesy fries ($9) to share – shoestring fries with “in-house” spices, bonito flakes, melted cheese and Japanese mayonnaise. I’m glad we chose this over the truffle fries, these were really good. It’s the Japanese mayonnaise, I swear.


One thing that stands out at Sunday market is their prices which are pretty afforable. Majority of their brunch dishes are below $20. Quite understandable why this is a popular place among yuppies.  Their toast dessert seems to be very popular but we did not have a chance to try it this time. Some interesting fusion brunch dishes, worth trying at least once with friends and family.


Add: 22 Lim Tua Tow Rd

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