Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory

Further to my Korean fried chicken adventures at Twins and Chicken Up, I’ve been meaning to check out Chir Chir for a while since my classes are situated pretty close to its Chinatown Point outlet. Every time I walked past it, I would make a mental note to check out the place once I had the chance. 

Last week, that chance came when a group of us decided to have dinner together after class. As it turns out, E had never tried Fried Korean Chicken before and was really keen to. It was a done deal then.


As it was a weekday night, getting a table was not an issue. [Side Note: Song Joong Ki advertisement alert!] Kudos to the restaurant manager who was very friendly and gave us several good recommendations for food and drinks.

Besides fried chicken, Chir Chir also offers roast chicken and baked chicken variations. The restaurant manager explained that most customer find eating fried chicken along rather “jelat” or too much. Hence, most usually balance the fried chicken with roast or baked chicken. However, we were there for THE fried chicken, so while we appreciated her honesty, we opted for mainly fried chicken dishes.

Garlicky chicken: fried soy sauce chicken topped with garlicky flakes.

One portion gives you about 12-14 pieces (not all drumsticks and wings, but still enough to satisfy a table of 4). Easily one of the table favourites for the night. The fried chicken was crispy yet tender. The soy + garlic seasoning was really good.

Ultimately, if I had to compare, I would say that Twins has the slightest edge with their soy + garlic fried chicken. Both are pretty good but there’s a slight difference to the marinade/taste and that’s why I say that Twins has the edge.


We also had the original fried chicken and spicy fried chicken. Chir Chir has a special promotion such that for an additional $2, it allows you to order half portions of fried chicken and spicy fried chicken. Good if you’re looking to have more variety and not wanting to order two full portions of both. The fried chicken was also served with honey mustard and salsa sauces.

These were good too, though I thought that the spicy fried chicken could have been better coated with the spicy sauce (instead of just drizzling it over the fried chicken). Interesting touch with the honey mustard sauce. However, I reminded myself that this was a “fusion” place, so not entirely Korean in this aspect!


To sort of balance out all that fried chicken, we also ordered a plate of Ddeokbokki – consisting of Korean rice cakes, fish cake, deep fried egg, fried squid and chilli sauce. This was pretty good, though some found a bit too spicy. Nevertheless, it was that kind of spicy-good where you still want to keep eating, and not the spicy-bad kind where you just give up. img_9265

To round off the Korean fried chicken experience, we also ordered a bottle of moscato soju to try. Sweet and fragrant – it went really well with the fried chicken.


We wanted fried chicken, we certainly got what we wanted (and 3 difference varieties of it too!) Good to know that Chir Chir is a good option to consider if we’re in Chinatown and craving for Korean Fried Chicken!

Add: 133 New Bridge Road, #01-43 Chinatown Point

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