Tuck Kee (Ipoh) Sar Hor Fun

I guess you know that you’ve been frequenting a hawker centre too often when the drink stall owner starts recognising you and questions why he has not seen you in a while. O_O

In truth, it’s probably a valid statement to make. Due to the proximity of Hong Lim Food Centre from my classes and my recent discovery of the food gem that Hong Lim Food Centre is, I’ve been frequenting the place quite a bit. 

A few days ago, I ventured to Hong Lim Food Centre again for lunch. This time, I was here to check out the famous Tuck Kee Ipoh Hor Fun. Despite a late start to the day, we managed to get here just around noon (and beat the ERP!).


As expected, there was a queue when we got to the stall, but surprisingly, it moved fast. Within 15 minutes, I was giving my order to the friendly auntie. Guess that lunch queues are not that intimidating if the people in front of you are not ordering 10 bowls each time.

It was quite fun watching the uncle swirl the hor fun noodles into the boiling pot… too bad I was a bit too engrossed (and also a little paiseh) to take pictures.

Well, the one dish that the stall is famous for is its crayfish hor fun. Un-surprisingly, it is also the most expensive dish offered – $8! It seems that prices have gone up. A check on older blog entries show that the dish used to be offered at $6.50. Hello inflation!

This was certainly a generous plate of hor fun (despite the price). I could actually feel myself getting full three quarters through the dish. Despite the hype about the crayfish, I thought that the key “wow” components of the dish were the hor fun noodles and the gravy.

Unlike other hor fun dishes, the noodles used here is a thinner type (almost akin to pad thai / mee pok noodles). I really loved the silky texture (of the noodles) combined with the hor fun gravy, which was flavourful and yet, not overly starchy (as some hor fun dishes fall prey to). Combine this with the fried shallots and that was the winning combination which most people love about the stall. The crayfish is certainly an interesting / unusual ingredient for hor fun, but the star was definitely the noodles and gravy, for me.


Besides the crayfish option, we also tried the prawn and chicken hor fun. Same noodles / gravy, just different toppings.


I’m not the biggest fan of hor fun… Sometimes I feel like I’ve had more bad hor fun dishes rather than good ones. However, it’s stalls like these which change my mind and make me re-consider again.

Add: Block 531A, Upper Cross Street, #02-40, Hong Lim Food Centre

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