Kanshoku Ramen Bar

The owners of Kanshoku Ramen Bar described their inspiration to set up their restaurant in the following manner:

[The following excerpt is taken from their website]

“[…]Having tasted some of the best ramen around but never feeling entirely contented, we decided to create a ramen bowl that could be finished in its entirety without feeling stuffed. One that would be enjoyable down to the very last bite.”

When I first read this… I immediately assumed that by “having tasted some of the best ramen“, it meant the likes of  Afuri ramen (Yuzu / chicken stock ramen)Rokurinsha (the godfather of Tsukemen) or even Tsuta (the first Michelin starred ramen restaurant, famous for its red wine / rosemary ramen creations). One could sense that the owners were setting up some pretty high expectations for themselves.


Well, if they claimed not to have been satisfied with some of the “best ramen around”, one could only assume that their aim was to create the ramen bowl that could.

The number of dishes offered on the menu is pretty limited (at least for mains). You choose what you want by filling up the paper menu that is handed to you once you’re seated. A server will then confirm your order before placing it.

On one of my first few visits, I had the Signature Kanshoku Ramen. At first glance, the price point looks pretty decent ($13.90). However, it does not come with the soft boiled egg. Adding that is an additional $2.

Honestly, could not find anything special about their signature ramen (which was a bit of a letdown, given all the hype they gave themselves on their website). The soup was flavourful and the noodles were cooked well. But was there anything unique about it that set the dish apart from all other ramen competitors? I couldn’t find any.


Next time round, I went for an obvious fusion creation – Dry truffle ramen ($16.90). I could actually smell the truffles just before the servers placed it in front of me. The ramen was also served with a poached egg and two pieces of grilled chashu. Surprisingly, this was a combination which worked. There was a lightness to the ramen noodles and the truffles were almost an addiction in itself. It was very easy to just keep eating and eating, till the bowl was empty.


Also got to try some of their smaller dishes – edamame with truffles. Pretty good combination, liked the slight citrus taste of the edamame

My only complaint was that the timing of serving the snacks / appetizers was not executed well. I was actually still waiting for this dish after having finished my main and had to inquire about its whereabouts. I actually almost cancelled the order but it came at the very last minute.


There are certainly some interesting dish concepts here such as the truffle ramen. I can appreciate how the restaurant does try to set itself apart from other outlets through unique fusion creations such as this. I can see myself coming back for the truffle ramen, but I would hesitate to try the other ramen bowls again since I didn’t feel particularly contented the first time round.

Add: Orchard Central, 277 Orchard Road #01-06

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