Standing Sushi Bar

Here’s the thing about Standing Sushi Bar, it’s not exactly one of those places where you go “oh yeah… I think their [insert dish] name is to die for and you just have to try it…”. It’s not really a one of a kind restaurant, their sets / meals are pretty standard Japanese fare. 

However, having eaten at Standing Sushi Bar many times, I’ve come to appreciate it for offering pretty decent quality Japanese food for relatively decent prices. They’re not exactly cheap, but they’re not super expensive either. Most of their outlets are located in the CBD and I like how they understand the need to have brisk efficient service so as to create a quick turnover, while still keeping the quality of their food consistent.

They also understand the attractiveness of promotions, so there’s a different promotion each day of the week (eg. 50% off sushi rolls on wednesdays – that’s a really good deal!)


Recently, I met R for lunch at Raffles Place and since I was pretty conscious of the lunch hour limitations, I suggested meeting at Standing Sushi Bar. It’s a really popular lunch spot, but turnover is really quick, partly due to the quick service. Sharing a tables is also part and parcel of eating with the lunch crowd, which I really don’t mind (though it’s really easy to listen to the conversations around you and vice versa!)

I usually go for the lunch sets when I’m there. Most, if not all lunch sets come with miso soup, seaweed and garden salads and a mochi. I really like the touch of including the mochi with the set… it’s always nice to have something sweet to finish off the meal.

Pork belly don set – braised pork belly served with brown rice and pickles. When I had this, I found the pork belly to be incredibly tender and really delicious.


Salmon sushi set – most of my friends pick this for its health value (lots of omega 3!) I like how they serve a mix of salmon maki and seared salmon sushi.


Garlic beef don with an onsen egg. This is one of my favourite lunch sets, especially with the onsen egg.


Another thing to note is that Standing Sushi Bar does takeaways as well, which is convenient for those just looking to buy back to their office. Most evenings after 8pm, the restaurants usually sell the remaining takeaways at close to half price. I’ve made use of the special offers a couple of times when I was pulling the late night at the office, another thing which I do appreciate!

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