Original Katong Laksa / Janggut Laksa / Marine Parade Laksa

I was in the mood for laksa and when M let me choose the lunch spot, I gave her two choices. Either we head back to Hong Lim centre for Sungei Road laksa or to East Coast Road for 328 Katong Laksa. She chose the later to avoid ERP…. figures… 

While enroute, I came across the article by Russel Wong on the origins of Katong Laksa. Incidentally, we had parked really near Roxy Square, where the Janggut Laksa stall was located at. Hence, I made a last minute decision change and steered M towards Roxy Square instead.


A quick summary: Katong laksa is famous because of the way it is served. The thick bee hoon noodles are cut up into small strips such that you just eat the laksa using a spoon, without the need for chopsticks.

There are many stalls around Katong who employ this method of serving, but Janggut is the Mister who sparked off this unique tradition. Hence why the family calls their stall the original Katong Laksa.

Prices start from $4 and we each got the $4 bowl to try. First impressions weren’t too good. The bowl looked a little skimpy on ingredients. M commented that she wished there had been more laksa leaves and fishcake. I thought that noodles, while cut, were still a bit too long to eat solely with a spoon. Towards the end, I had to grab a pair of disposable chopsticks to help with scooping the noodles into the spoon.

That said, the laksa gravy was pretty tasty and rich, which was what we were looking for. However, we could not help but think that it could have somehow been a better bowl.


I think it was great to locate and eat at a stall which forms an integral part of Singapore’s culinary history. Perhaps we had set our expectations too high and were expecting to be blown away. Couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed after our lunch joint here.

Shortly after, we took a short walk over to 328 Katong Laksa across the road to peek at what its customers were eating. The price point was slightly higher (starting at $5.35 / bowl) but it certainly gives me pause to want to try this stall now… nevermind who is really the true original Katong laksa.

Add: Roxy Square, 50 East Coast Road #01-64

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