Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist

Now that half of my lessons are in Chinatown, I’ve been having early dinners at Hong Lim food centre just before classes start. Honestly, it’s not the best place to have dinner. The majority of stalls just open for the lunch period and most are closed by 4pm in the afternoon. It is a noticeable few that stay open for in the evening and they don’t stay open till that late either. 

Luckily, Ji Ji wonton noodle specialist is one of those stalls that stay open relatively late. On a couple of occasions, I was able to try their noodles (without the lunch queue!) and was very happy to find that this is indeed a stall which does live up to all its accolades.


On my first visit, I was quite surprised to see that the entire business occupies three stalls! All side by side one another. I had the wonton noodles on my first visit. To me, the noodles and the stewed mushrooms were the star of the dish. The noodles were cooked well and nicely mixed with the (almost addictive) dark soy sauce gravy. Char siew and wontons were good too, though I prefer my wontons to be a bit bigger. Nevertheless, for $4, I thought that it was a pretty generous bowl of noodles.


On subsequent visits, I’ve also had their soya sauce chicken noodles which I’ve found to be very good as well. It’s a bit of a messy eat (with the chicken wings and drumlets), so I always have to be a little bit more careful, but the chicken is incredibly tasty (which makes up for it!). Happily, the same dark soya sauce noodles and stewed mushrooms combi is used for the soya sauce chicken dish as well.


Despite its popularity, the stall still manages to keep its costs reasonable (starting from $4 a bowl), which is something I’m very appreciative of. Very envious of all my friends who work around the area!

Add: Block 531A, Upper Cross Street, Level 2 #02-49, Hong Lim Food Complex

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