Soup Stock Tokyo

My initial impressions of Soup Stock Tokyo were not very good. It was late, I was starving and the Soup Stock Tokyo outlet at Somerset seemed like a good choice at that time. I ordered the Odashi Tokyo “Soup Curry” Set (Sapporo) with much anticipation. 

Unfortunately, I received a tray which looked really appetizing, but when I dug into it, it was really disappointing. The vegetables were undercooked, the chicken meat was cold. It appeared that the ingredients had just been thrown into the pot of curry and heated up for barely a minute before serving.

The only saving grace of the dish was the curry soup which was actually pretty good. Nevertheless, I didn’t leave with a good impression of the store.

The next time I was at the store, I refused to get any of their Odashi sets, but decided to go for their classic soups instead. It seems that they no longer offer the two soups deal, and you can only choose one soup per set now. Bummer.

Decided to go for their lobster bisque. The soup was good – rich and flavourful. Guess it felt a bit weird to be having lobster bisque with Japanese sesame rice. Probably should have gone with the bread roll alternative.

It’s a pity that they’ve done away with the two soups set deal. Really limits one’s ability to try the range that the store offers. As it is, I’m not too inclined to deliberately come back again. Only if I’m in the area and there is nothing else that I want to try!

Add: 313@ Somerset, 313 Orchard Road, #B-14 & B2-53/53A,

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