Kim Keat Hokkien Mee

I do so love inspirational stories.

Part of the motivation for wanting to visit this stall came after reading about the background story of the owner on several websites such as ieatishootipost

In a nutshell, the owner is a reformed drug addict / ex-prisoner who spent most of his adult life in and out of jail. During his last stint, he became determined to turn over a new leaf and with the help of his children and ex-wife, set up this hokkien mee stall in Toa Payoh.

Why Hokkien Mee? As it turns out, he has had many years experience in frying Hokkien mee and his family used to run Heng Heng Hokkien Mee at the old Toa Payoh Interchange Food Centre.

Despite the very intriguing backstory, the reviews of Kim Keat Hokkien mee have been very positive, with many people lauding the use of sio bak, something which we rarely find nowadays.

As such, when thinking of a place for lunch recently, I persuaded M to come here and we both tried the $10 claypot Hokkien Mee.

I was a bit lost when I first walked into the coffeeshop. We couldn’t find the stall! Then I realized that the owner had not turned on the signboard light, but thankfully, it was pretty obvious that the stall was indeed open for business.


Surprisingly, we did not have to wait long. Within 10 minutes or so, the bubbling claypot was served in front of us.

For $10, it was a very generous serving of Hokkien mee with sio bak (crispy roast pork belly) and lala shellfish. I did appreciate the excess gravy that came with the claypot – so nice to soak my noodles in all that lard goodness! The gravy was certainly very tasty and for us, that was the highlight of the dish.

M agreed that the gravy certainly stood out. She did think though, that the $10 price was a bit steep even with the added sio bak and the lala.

However, judging from the lunch crowd we saw that day, I doubt the price is a sticky issue for most people.


Add: Blk 92, Lorong 4 Toa Payoh

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