Fika: Swedish cafe and bistro

When we think of Swedish food, meatballs and jam are usually the first thing that pop into mind. Thank you IKEA!img_9122  Indeed, the meatball dish at Fika could be argued to be their most popular dish. At a recent dinner there, most of us gravitated towards the meatballs. Familiar food wins the pick (usually).

I did a quick google translate of the word Fika, which apparently means “Coffee” or “have Coffee” in Swedish. Nice name – the decor of the restaurant does fit the theme. Being halal, the restaurant is extremely popular with muslims.

As mentioned, most of us opted for the meatballs, which are served with parsley potatoes, cream sauce, lingonberry jam and a side salad. I thought the dish was very well executed with the exception of the potatoes, which were sorely under-cooked and were very raw. img_9117

There is also a meatball pasta version for the same price ($19.90) However, it might be better to opt for the meatball and potato version instead since you do get served more meatballs.

Alternatives to meatballs include this dish called Pannbiff ($21.90), which are beef patties with mashed potatoes, cream sauce, sauteed onions, lingonberry jam and side salad. The side ingredients here are very similar!

There is also Pytt i Panna -Diced beef, potatoes, onions, topped with a sunny side up egg and beetroot. ($19.90)

I would definitely come back for the meatballs again. Shame about the under-cooked potatoes though. It seemed that only the meatball dishes suffered from this issue. The other dishes didn’t have issues with their potatoes. Hopefully this was just a one-off incident!

Add: 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-20 Millenia Walk

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