BAKE Cheese Tart Singapore

The latest food fad craze for the past few months as been the BAKE cheese tart. Since opening it’s doors in April, reports have continuously surfaced of its long queues, easily a one hour to two hour wait for eager food enthusiasts wanting to try the latest baking concoction from Hokkaido, Japan. 

In a nut shell, the baked cheese tart is famous for its mousse like cream cheese filling and its crispy pastry.


Many a time, I’ve walked past the store while shopping in ION and usually, the long queues put me off. While I queue for some things like my favourite bak chor mee, cheese tarts and desserts are another thing altogether.

I certainly took my time to try this tart. In fact, I must have forgotten about it for a period of time. However, after lunch with a friend in the CBD today, I decided to stop by Orchard for some shopping. Coincidentally, I walked past the store again and decided to check out the queue. At this point there were about 6-7 people waiting, much less that what I usually saw.

I guess that this was now or never. Though I was a bit pressed for time, I joined the queue. To my utter surprise, the line moved pretty fast. Before I knew it, I was at the front and I got my queue number and was soon told to make my way to the actual shop. Luckily, there was a girl in front of me when I got there, which gave me some time to properly look around the shop and snap a few photos


For a small store, I easily counted 7 staff around the shop. One to specially pack your tarts, the other to collect the money. Two staff to manage the crowd. I guess the rest are meant to make sure the supply of cheese tarts is constant and ongoing.

Prices have not changed since opening. It is still a hefty $3,50 for one tart, and $19.90 for 6 tarts. I contemplated buying just one tart, then my Singapore mindset took over – queue so long already, might as well buy 6 and bring back for the family.

I got my coveted yellow paper bag and texted my sis to come home and get one these tarts if she wanted one. She declined, saying that her husband does not eat cheese. Boo!


Anyhow, so I got home and while I only had my cheese tart a few hours later, I was quite amazed at how good the tart still tasted. The pastry was light and crisp and the filling was smooth with an almost cream – like texture. I was almost expecting to be overwhelmed by the cheese taste but surprisingly the cheese filling was light and quite balanced.


Add: ION Orchard #B4-33, 2 Orchard Turn

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