Fu Lin Yong Tofu

A few years ago, my classmate brought me here for lunch during our internship period in Raffles Place and I’ve never stopped coming back since. It feels almost like a secret hideout of sorts as you walk through the buildings and take the escalator down to the basement of the Hong Leong Building where in a small corner of the building, the yong tofu stall is located.

Of course, it’s like a well known secret among the lunch time folk. Everyday, queues are long and if you arrive after 12.30pm, be prepared to have less than the full range of ingredients available!


What’s special about this yong tofu place is its minced meat sauce instead of the typical sweet sauce and chilli sauces. Further, they also deep-fry every single yong tofu piece and top it with their minced meat sauce. You can choose to have either noodles or rice and each bowl is served with a generous scoop of the minced meat sauce.

For those people who believe yong tofu to be healthy, this version goes against that very belief! There are of course options for soupy versions, but that is absolutely not the point of coming here to eat!

I brought E once for lunch and got her absolutely hooked. LOL… happy to spread word of good eats!


Add: 16 Raffles Quay, #B1-20 Hong Leong Building

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