Hock Gooi Hainanese Curry Rice

Had a dental appointment that overran and by the time I stepped out of the clinic, it was almost two. Headed down to Golden Shoe Food Centre and thankfully a few of the stalls were still open. Opted to have some Hainanese curry rice. Despite the late lunch timing, there was still a queue which remained constant while I was having my lunch


The concept is simple – curry is the theme. While you can pick your dishes, there are also sets (eg. curry chicken set / pork chop curry set) that make it easy for the first time visitor (like me!)

I opted for the pork chop set which cost only $2.50. I was pretty amazed at the portion that came with the price. It was a huge amount of rice with an equally generous serving of pork chop. I thought that the pork chop was really good, nice crispiness on the outside. I daresay that it was better than my pork chop experience at Chin Chin. Curry gravy was also very good. My only gripe was that there was too little of it, wish I had been given more. In any case, for $2,50, this is a very good value for money dish.


Add: #02-35 Golden Shoe Food Centre

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