Yogyakarta: House of Raminten

This is the fifth post in the travel series to Yogyakarta. All other travel posts can be found here.

House of Raminten gets a lot of mixed reviews for its food. It seems to be more known for its decor and quirky menu food names. However, since we were in Yogya for the first time, I figured that we should give the place a try. I also had fair warning from A, a local friend, that the food wasn’t really much to shout about.img_5175

That said, the ambiance of the restaurant is pretty welcoming. The quirky icon featuring the madame of the House of Raminten greets you as you walk through the doors. A mix of traditional and modern decor is littered throughout the restaurant. My only gripe is that service can be a little slow and it can be quite difficult to get the attention of the wait staff scurrying around.


We ordered rice with the following dishes:

Chicken Kotega – baked shredded chicken and egg inside a koteka (the penis gourd worn by some indigenous ethnic groups in Papua). Honestly, I didn’t care too much about the phallic symbols here, it was more about the food for me.

Grilled ribs – pretty small portion for the price, but we had come to expect that throughout our stay in Yogya.

Deep fried tauhu wrapped around an omelette

Stir fried scrambled eggs

Stuffed grilled fish

I’ve a feeling that people come here more for the ambiance than for the food. Food is tasty but not very memorable. If you know of a better restaurant to go to, you can give this a miss.

Add: Jln Kaliurang Km. 15.5 Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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