Yogyakarta: Bakso Telkom Utomo

This is the third post in the travel series to Yogyakarta. All other travel posts can be found here.

I told our driver that in lieu of an “atas” restaurant that I had previously chosen, I wanted to eat Bakso instead. He brought us to Bakso Telkom which apparently has received rave reviews and is known among locals for their bakso. I did a brief search on trip advisor the night before we went, but the reviews were all in bahasa Indonesian which I could not read though I did note that high ratings were given. Oh well, I just had to trust our driver then. 

Simply put, bakso is meatballs typically served with noodles. The meatballs are not the small size ones we usually find in the supermarket. They are pretty big sized, almost like a golf ball.


It being a local joint, the menu was in bahasa Indonesian. Honestly, we didn’t know the different between the bowls, since M only understood a smattering of bahasa Melayu and all the bowls were priced at Rp20,000, so we simply guessed whether the bowls were what we wanted and ordered accordingly.

Bakso komplit (Bakso + noodles + Tahu + B.Goreng) – This one probably means Bakso complete (i.e. the full bakso dish). Came in a bowl of noodle soup with some deep fried tau foo and some other ingredient that we could not identify.

Bakso special – we noted that it was almost the same as the bakso komplit except that there were additional pieces of meat given. The price for this was a bit more – Rp23,000

Bakso Kuah – I thought that this would come with noodles but it turned out to be just meatball soup. Oh well!img_5108

The portions were very small. Really very small. One could easily eat two bowls. D ordered another bowl since obviously one bowl was not enough. This time he got the Mie Ayam Bakso – chicken noodles dry.

We did like the bakso here, though it was noted that the ajinomoto taste in the soup was very strong, so M and D both refrained from drinking too much of the soup. Portions here, as mentioned earlier, are rather small. One bowl is definitely not enough and it is likely that you would start to feel hungry again in a couple of hours if you stuck to just one.

Add: Jalan Kenari Timoho No.61, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55165, Indonesia

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