Nongcakeja Thai Food

When J told me that we were going to have lunch at this nondescript Thai place at the Adelphi, the first thought that came to mind was “how the f*** did you guys find out about this place.”

It doesn’t have the best location. It’s located on the second floor of a building that most people would not step into unless there was a specific shop they wanted to visit. I guess that if you’re that good, word of mouth really makes the publicity rounds for you. 

The added bonus of Nongcakeja Thai Food – it’s located right next to High Court, which is how we ended up there in the first place.


I did some research to see if there have been any previous reviews on Nongcakeja Thai Food. Surprisingly there were none. Instead, I found a similar photo of the shop front taken from 2014, though the restaurant was known as Sweet Basil then. Hmmm.

In any case, we came here through a word of mouth recommendation (Thank you C), that this was the place for good and decently priced Thai food. The place is small, there are only about 20 seats or so. Prices range from $5-$7 per meal / dish. Since there was a big group of us, we decided to order dishes to share:

Olive rice – easily one of my favourites from the lunch. Really tasty.


Pineapple rice – a bit more on the sweeter side. Liked the raisins and mixture of the shallots and pork floss.


Next, on the to the noodles. Of course we had to get a pad thai – another great dish.


This was an interesting Thai dish which I don’t normally see at Thai eateries. They called this the Sukhothai noodle soup, which is rice noodles with sliced pork (char siew) broth, lime and some ground chilli. This dish had some mixed reactions. We liked the spice / lime combination but there was this weird meat taste that some of us were uncomfortable with. It felt like the pork had not been blanched properly and there remained this clingling odour on the meat.


To balance out all the carbs we had ordered, there was also pork basil dish thrown into the mix. Really yummy!


Special mention also goes to their lemongrass drink which was really refreshing and not overly sweet.

For a group of 5, we paid $9 per person for all the dishes above, including our drinks.

Add: The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street, 2nd floor

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