109 Teochew Yong Tau Foo

I’m willing to bet that most of us would not really know the name of this yong tau foo place. However, if you said that key words, i.e. Circular road yong tau foo, I think most people working in the CBD / Raffles Place would have an inkling of where you are referring to.

Indeed, it is a very very popular lunch place for the office crowd. However, for some reason it always seems possible to get a seat there. After lectures at the Supreme Court today, we decided to head there for lunch. We were a little wary of the lunch crowd madness and there were 11 of us!


Surprisingly, when we told one of the staff that we were looking for table to accommodate all of us, they simply told us that a table was available and told us to quickly join the long queue to get our yong tau foo. Wow, I really do love efficiency.


What I really love here is the variety. Numerous assortments of fish cakes, tofu, fried beancurd skin, sausages, crab stick, vegetables etc etc. As with most yong tau foo places, you can have your noodles / ingredients soup / dry or in laksa gravy. What is recommended though is to have it dry, since they cook it in their special delicious sauce. I also like how we can mix the noodles here – I usually ask for a mix of yellow noodles and bee hoon!


Add: 90 Circular Road

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