A Noodle Story

I confess that I was only interested in checking A Noodle Story out when it hit the bib gourmand list for the inaugural Singapore michelin guide this year. My curiosity was further piqued when I kept hearing stories of the stall selling out and its long queues during lunch time. 

Finally one day I bit the bullet and asked my classmates to come down with me for an early lunch. According to their FB page, they opened at 11.15am. We met at 11am and I was totally expecting to see a queue but to my surprise there were hardly any people hanging around. The stall was not even ready yet.


About twenty minutes later, the number of people mulling around the stall began to increase. All it took was for two gentlemen to give their orders, which gave the cue for everyone else to get in line. Quickly we got into position. The poor lady behind us was berated in public by her other half for not lining up quickly enough. Honestly though, there were just 5 people (including us) in front of her. Drama…

As it turned out, it took a good 25 minutes of waiting before we finally got our food. One of the guys in front of us ordered 10 bowls (takeaway).

The stall has a small ($5.90) and medium ($7.20) option

The small version comes with half a soft boiled egg, two pieces of pork belly, two wontons.


The large version comes with an extra of all the previous ingredients. It’s a full soft boiled egg, three wontons and three slices of pork belly.


This was indeed a very tasty bowl of noodles. The noodles were cooked and flavoured very well. They were more on the spicy side and they even gave an extra garnish of chilli for those seeking more spice. The other ingredients such as the soft boiled egg and pork belly were also very well prepared. I didn’t really care too much for the prawn fritter – I thought the other ingredients stood out better. The medium portion is quite a big portion, especially with the added ingredients.

When I asked my classmates whether they would come again, it was a unanimous comment that they would not be inclined to queue for the noodles. Indeed, when we had finished our meal at about half past noon, the queue was horrendously long. No one doubted that the noodles were great but I guess that queuing is another matter altogether. In any case, the trick to this is to come early. The wait is more tolerable then.

Add: Amoy Street Food Centre, #01-39 069891, 7 Maxwell Rd

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