O’ma spoon

When I was younger, our favourite shaved ice dessert was ice kachang. Then when I was a teen, the Taiwanese snow flake dessert was the rage. Today, it is the Korean bingsu (Korean ice dessert) that is all the rage in Singapore. In the past year, numerous bingsu places have sprung up all over Singapore, all almost selling the same or similar flavours. One outlet that gets quite a lot of recommendation is O’ma spoon. Their outlets are located rather centrally, which makes for easy access. 

Recently, one of my kiwi friends, J, popped by Singapore for a business trip. Since her hotel was located right in town, we decided to meet for dessert and O’ma spoon was a very convenient place to bring her to. Apparently, the bingsu craze has yet to hit Auckland yet, which is interesting considering the pretty decent number of Korean restaurants there!


The traditional bingsu flavours are those such as Injeolmi (Korean rice cake with soy powder). However, it seems that appeal to local tastes, other tropical flavours such a mango and green tea are being offered at these bingsu cafes as well. J chose the green tea flavour which turned out to be a popular choice as we saw many other customers ordering the green tea bingsu as well. The bingsu comes with a two layers of soft ice with green tea syrup in between the two flavours. I suppose this ensures that the ice is flavoured throughout and not just on the top layer. The ice is then topped with more green tea syrup, red beans, green tea ice cream and crunchy nuts.

I must say that the texture of the bingsu ice was really fine – almost like eating a snowflake. Definitely one of the best bingsu I’ve had thus far.


For variety, O’ma spoon also offers toasts – both savoury and sweet. I decided to get their chocolate and banana honey toast to try as well.

The toast was good, but not the best that I’ve had. I didn’t really get the “honey butter” taste of the bread and felt that the dish was just all right. Chocolate and banana are good ingredients that always go well together after all.


Overall, stick with the bingsu menu and you won’t go wrong at this cafe.

Add: 313 Orchard Rd, #04-20/32, 313@Somerset

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