Uncle Tan Kelong

It’s not everyday that one gets to ride a boat charter to a kelong for a seafood dinner. Had the lucky privilege to do so just a few days ago. J organized a seafood dinner at Uncle Tan’s Kelong for a big group of 12. One can BYO, so we had a lot of drinks with us on board the board. Getting there was pretty effortless. Once we were all at the ferry terminal, J gave a call to the uncle who arranged for the charter to come pick us up. From the jetty, it was another 5 – 10 minutes to the Kelong.

We were all busy chatting, so we didn’t really notice till the boat pulled up alongside the Kelong. Here is one of the few pictures that one of us shot of the boat ride en route14100456_10154415195227768_3426244308834991830_n

. Once we got there, we all got busy setting up. In fact, the moment we got to our table, the dishes started coming in. However, first we had to celebrate dear J’s birthday – with a pina colada cake and glittery helium balloons!


The dinner menu was almost like an “omakase” in the sense that while we knew that we would be getting some dishes, the others depended on the catch of the day.

One of our first few dishes was this crispy squid dish. It was really good, the squid was cooked well and it seemed to have been cooked with a tinge of honey (or something similar) as we did note a subtle sweetness to the squid.


Next up – spicy lalas.


Assam chicken – we were told that Uncle Tan makes his own assam but I found this to be just ok. It was more on the spicy side and didn’t really get sourish taste of assam. The chicken felt like it had been stewed for a rather long time. The meat was very soft and came away very easily from the bone.


Fresh prawns are really the best. The prawns we got were big, juicy and sweet. One of the best dishes we had that night.


Fish tofu. Another table favourite. We actually got another plate later on in the night after everything was finished.


Seafood fried rice


Black pepper flower crabs. Flower crabs are not as meaty as mud crabs, so they’re not usually used for crab dishes at a seafood place. but flower crabs are a local variety, hence why they were used. The black pepper sauce was really good, so was quite impressed with that.


Scary steamed fish staring back at me. Too bad, it didn’t stop anyone from eating it up.


I think that we really enjoyed the novelty of taking a boat out to the kelong for a fresh seafood dinner. The kelong had four tables and we saw that all four tables were occupied (including the one by us) the entire evening. Seafood was undeniably fresh and it was very interesting to watch the kelong people pluck the live crabs / fish directly from the nets and bring it into the kitchen.

Add: To get there, arrange a boat charter from Changi Ferry Terminal

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