A few weeks back, I had dinner with my classmates and was introduced to Krave – a hippy cafe selling western food at Bali Lane. My classmates chose Krave mainly because (a) it’s halal certified, which is really a good tidbit to know when organizing outings for Muslim friends and (b) Krave is also located near the Sultan Mosque, which makes it a convenient location for those who need to say prayers. 


The clean, simple decor of the cafe really caught my eye when I first walked in. I really like the various inspirational quotes that the cafe owner had painted on the walls or placed in simple rectangular frames around the area. It gave off quite a homely feel.

I decided to go for their aglio olio pasta with prawns. I thought this was a pretty decent rendition. They were pretty generous with the prawns and the aglio olio had a good spicy (but not overpowering) kick to it. I also liked how the pasta wasn’t overly drenched in olive oil (which is a weakness of most aglio olio dishes).


Our table also ordered a basil pesto chicken pizza to share. Their pizza is of the thin crust variety (I like!) and this was also pretty good.


For dessert, I decided to treat myself and try their cempedak (similar to jackfruit) creme brulee. It was definitely something which I’ve not seen on any menus before and it seemed somewhat befitting that I should find this dessert in a halal cafe.

On the surface, it looked like any normal creme brulee, but once I dug in, the strong flavour of the cempedak hit me immediately. I liked how they mixed the cempedak fruit into the creme brulee itself. The texture of the creme brulee was very smooth.


Krave is a really good option to consider if anyone is in the area or planning an outing with their Muslim friends. Service is pretty fast, I received my pasta not later than ten minutes after I ordered. Staff were really friendly as well.

Add: 28 Bali Lane

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