Poy Kee Yong Tau Foo

There are quite a number of yong tau foo stalls at People’s Park Food Centre. One evening after class, I decided to have dinner at the food centre and had a walk around the food centre before deciding to queue at Poy Kee Yong Tau Foo. It seemed like they were down to their last few bowls, only options for noodles were the yellow egg noodles.


This not the typical yong tau foo stall where you gets lots of variety to choose from. It’s a pretty standard bowl of fish balls, fish tofu, beancurd skin with fish paste. One uncle scoops a bowl of the yong tau mix into a bowl, while another uncle cooks the noodles.


The noodles were pretty interesting, it was served with ikan bilis and some vegetables. Unfortunately, I found the noodles a bit bland and a little too sticky.

What stood out for me here were the yong tau foo pieces. The fish balls, beancurd skins and the fish paste tofu were springy and soft. Flavours were also there – really tasty bowl of yong tau foo.

Perhaps next time, I might go for just the yong tau foo soup, or get a different type of noodle.


Add: People’s Park Food Centre #01-1066

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