Jelly Hearts

Many years ago, when my ex-colleague resigned, she had her mom baked a few cakes so that she could hand them out to the entire department on her last day.  One of them was a cheesecake layered with strawberries and jelly. The cake was delicious and I’ve always remembered it. Continue reading

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot

When I first stepped onto the location on the 4th floor of Somerset 313 where Hai Di Lao, it was like stepping into a war zone. There were dozens of people sitting around on stools, people running up and down to this women dressed in a chinese waitress uniform. Heck, the restaurant did not even have a reception table. It was just this lone Chinese lady “bouncer” with a clipboard.  Continue reading

Chicken Up

Honestly speaking, Korean fried chicken places have been popping up all around Singapore for a while. It’s definitely hard to stand out and most Korean fried chicken places aren’t too bad. The differences are often very slight. Chicken Up can be said to be one of the early pioneers of Korean fried chicken in Singapore. It also gets a lot of publicity for having been picked in a Straits Times blind tasting as the best Korean fried chicken.  Continue reading