Kheng Fatt Hainanese Beef Noodles

I dragged M here a couple of weeks back to purchase some hiking boots for my upcoming trip overseas. I’m not very good at bargaining but I convinced M that with an “auntie” presence, the lady boss might be more inclined to give me a discount on the shoes.

After a successful purchase, we walked downstairs and decided to have a quick lunch at the market before heading back. Not many stalls were open and there only interesting one was the Hainanese beef noodles at the corner. Nevertheless, we did walk one round around the market, before we decided to have beef noodles for lunch. 


It was only when M was making the order that I realized that the uncle had garnered quite a number of awards / accolades for his noodles. That immediately perked my interest up.

Prices start at $4 a bowl. I was also amused to see a sign stating that all bowls are sold with noodles and uncle would not sell any bowl with no noodles in it. We got a soup and dry version of the beef noodles.

The dry version is probably the most common version. Was quite pleased to note that the beef was not overly cooked, till had a tinge of redness to it. M remarked that the gravy for the dry noodles had a distinct taste to it. The flavours are not particularly strong, as in the “OMG” kind, but it is still very tasty and overall was a well cooked bowl of noodles.

The soup version wasn’t too bad as well. The broth was pretty good and equally tasty. It should be noted that this bowl of beef noodles was on the small side. I’m sure that it would be all right for the ladies, but I expect that guys might still need something extra to fill their tummies up afterwards.

FullSizeRender_1 (4)

Add: #01-89, Golden Mile Food Centre, 505 Beach Road

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