Toa Payoh Rojak

This is the second stall we tried during our hawker trail. The first stall that we tried was Chuan Kee Satay.

We were forewarned of the long wait if we wanted to order a plate of rojak from this stall. Reason is because the owner does each plate individually (no mass production here!) coupled with the sheer number of customers who want a plate of rojak rated by the Makansutra team as one of the “must try” eats. The wait gets so long that the stall actually has a numbering system which calls your number when your plate is done. 

Having not been to the food centre before, I chanced upon the stall while I was looking for L. Immediately, I decided to order a plate to minimise any waiting time. Not really knowing what to do, I initially went up and just took a number from the tiny box up front. Minutes later, another customer who was waiting for his plate told me to just go up to the owner and tell him my order which would be much faster.


Apparently, this could work too. The owner kindly took my order and told me to come back into another ten / fifteen minutes. I suppose that I was here on a good day.

The reviews are true after all! We took a few bites and couldn’t help but exclaim how good the dish was. The ingredients all tasted very fresh and included some ingredients that you don’t find nowadays in most rojak plates – i.e. jellyfish strips, spinach.

Most importantly, the tau pok / you tiao was wonderfully toasted and had that nice crunchy bite to it. Many other stalls either over-toast it or leave it too soft. That, to me, was the winning bit of the dish.

The rojak sauce is indeed on the sweeter side, but that didn’t really bother me, given the good mix of ingredients in the dish.


Add:  Old Airport Road Food Centre, #01-85, 51 Old Airport Rd

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