Chuan Kee Satay

B and I had been mulling over a hawker trail for a while. A trail around Singapore to try good hawker dishes. Finally, one weekend, I sat down to it and tried to draw up a road map for this “grandiose” plan of ours. It was so difficult… too many stalls to choose from and it was tough itself trying to coordinate a trail that did not result in us spending too much time travelling around Singapore. Given that B had regular working hours now, the trail, now had to be somewhere in a location where several different stalls could be found. Finally, I narrowed it down to Old Airport Road Food Centre, which had a pretty decent number of popular food stalls. 

The second issue? The stalls had alternate rest days. So when one stall was open, the other was closed.

Finally, I came up with a list. After a few false starts, we finally got a date down and here we here.

One of the stalls we tried that day was Hainanese satay at Chuan Kee Satay. The unique feature of Hainanese satay is that the peanut gravy is served with pineapple “gravy” as well. Usually, we just get peanut gravy to accompany satay dishes, so we were really keen on trying this traditional Hainan take on satay.


Quite an interesting experience ordering. The auntie was all for delivering to my table till she realized that I was sitting outside, and then she told me that she does not deliver to outside tables and offered to give me a call when the satay was ready.

On to the satay… Having heard rave reviews of their pork satay, we had a mix of chicken and pork satay (To me, it’s almost impossible to have satay without the chicken variety).

The satay was absolutely juicy and delicious (kudos to the ratio of meat-fat-meat on the skewers which really contributed to the juiciness of the satay). The pork satay does live up to its reviews, absolutely delicious.

As to the pineapple – peanut sauce, it’s a little difficult to say that this trumps over the normal peanut sauce variety. It definitely adds a slight sweet/tangy flavour to the peanut sauce, but we thought the real winner here is still the satay itself.

FullSizeRender (8)

Add: Old Airport Road Food Centre#01-85, 51 Old Airport Rd

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