Ban Heng Restaurant

A traditional teochew lunch to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday. Yay!

Instead of reverting to our usual teochew haunts, M decided to try Ban Heng, another popular teochew restaurant. As usual, it’s another no frills restaurant, though the air conditioning and the efficient staff is an added bonus.


We ordered the set lunch menu and it came with the following dishes:

Starter – cold prawns with mayo and mango fruit salad.

Always an interesting dish for me to start off with, since it mixes savoury and sweet (something I’m not entirely used to).  The ratio of sweet (fruits) to savoury (prawns) was more on the sweet side, so I ended up eating the two ingredients separately.


Mini buddha jumps over the wall soup – shark’s fin, mini whole abalone, bamboo, dry scallops and sea cucumber.

We were pretty impressed with the generous size of the shark’s fine. The soup was very very tasty, the flavours of the seafood in the soup broth really came through.


Steamed cod fish with diced ‘chye poh’ & garlic. Chye poh is a salted vegetable and an ingredient that we love a lot. Needless to say, this dish went away really fast. The oldies went for the fish, the younger generation finished up the “unhealthy” chye poh.


Deep fried pork ribs with BBQ sauce.


Vegetables – stir fry broccoli


When the noodles come, you know the meal  is ending. Usually, this is the time when I start to struggle…


Overall, we had a pretty decent meal here. The intervals between dishes were not consistent at times. Thankfully, the staff were quite on the ball and quick to check with us whether we had received our dishes yet. Looks like this is another restaurant to consider whenever we are in the vicinity. Perhaps, M can be persuaded to change next year’s CNY dinner venue…

Add: Blk 22 Boon Keng Rd #01-21

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