Jelly Hearts

Many years ago, when my ex-colleague resigned, she had her mom baked a few cakes so that she could hand them out to the entire department on her last day.  One of them was a cheesecake layered with strawberries and jelly. The cake was delicious and I’ve always remembered it.

The concept of Jelly Hearts is similar -biscuit bases, cheesecake, fruits and jelly. Their cakes are very pretty and a delight to look at. It’s really nice to see how a baking hobby can evolve to be a successful commercial venture


For variety, Jelly Hearts offers many different variations of its jelly cheesecake – from the traditional strawberry to mango, lychee and blueberry. Since many of my classes recently have been nearby the One Raffles Place outlet, I’ve been heading down to the store in the late afternoons to buy some cakes to bring back home for dessert. These cakes don’t keep long in room temperature, you are typically advised to consume them within 2 hrs. Thankfully, the shop will keep them for you as long as you pick them up before the shop closes, so don’t forget!


I suppose in cakes like these, the ratio of jelly to cake is very important. The consistency of the jelly is also pretty important. Jelly Hearts get some mixed reviews occasionally, some have said that the quality differs between their two stores. Personally, I think the strawberry cheesecake is still their best. It’s nice to have the lychee and mango variety but I found the mango cheesecake to be a little bland and the lychee to be a little overly sweet for my liking when I had them.  Still, this is a nice alternative to anyone who is tired of eating chocolate cakes all the time and wants a more refreshing change.

Add: One Raffles Place #B1-08

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