Chicken Up

Honestly speaking, Korean fried chicken places have been popping up all around Singapore for a while. It’s definitely hard to stand out and most Korean fried chicken places aren’t too bad. The differences are often very slight. Chicken Up can be said to be one of the early pioneers of Korean fried chicken in Singapore. It also gets a lot of publicity for having been picked in a Straits Times blind tasting as the best Korean fried chicken. 

Another perk of going to Chicken Up is its chicken and beer buffets. During weekdays, for as low as $25 – 35 (depending on the outlet) and at a certain time, you can have “eat all you can” fried chicken and beer. It is certainly a very good deal! IMG_8553

When I visited, I was a little too early for the fried chicken and beer deal (At the Tanjang Pagar outlet, the deal only starts from 9pm onwards). Nevertheless, we did order some fried chicken dishes to try:

Ganjang soya chicken wings – I confess that my first marinate pick for Korean chicken is usually of the soya garlic type. These were really fragrant and the moment these were put on the table, it was a mad rush to dig in. The chicken was really juicy and marinate was really really good. Probably my favourite of the night


Yangnyum Chicken – the alternative to soya sauce chicken is usually a spicy chicken. We had the yangnyum chicken, which is glazed with chilli, sesame seeds and some honey. Again, the chicken wings were cooked to perfection. Between the two types of marinade though, I personally prefer the soya sauce marinade. The sweet – spicy ratio here was a bit too much on the sweet side for my liking.


Of course, fried chicken is not the only thing on the menu. We also had a plate of Jabchae (Korean glass noodles with vegetables) to round up the meal.


I guess no visit to a Korean restaurant is complete without some soju. Chicken Up is famed for their watermelon soju, but we opted to have peach soju instead. Just as good, the peach juice was very sweet and masked the alcohol taste of soju completely.


Add: 48 Tanjong Pagar Rd #01-01

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