Keisuke – Crab broth ramen

Much has been written about Chef Keisuke Takeda, including this recent Straits Times article. It is not uncommon to see long queues outside his ramen outlets. I remember once too many years ago, my sister pulled me to his tonkotsu king ramen shop in Tanjong Pagar and how delighted we were to have ‘free eggs’ to enjoy along with the ramen soup.

I would not be surprised if many people still saw ramen as a pork based noodle soup. For many years, the only kind of ramen we got in Singapore were the pork based (Tonkotsu) kind. Of course, now, we are beginning to see more varieties such as chicken based ramen, cheese ramen and cold ramen. In my recent travels to Tokyo, I also came across other interesting styles such as yuzu ramen at Afuri and I supposed mention must be given to the famous Rokurinsha tsukemen (dipping noodles) since tsukemen does not seem very popular in Singapore.

As such, kudos must be given to Chef Keisuke Takeda for continuing to push the boundaries of ramen cuisine and continuously thinking of innovative ramen ideas to keep our fussy Singaporean palettes satisfied. We do care a lot about what we eat, whether we care to admit it or not.

So, it was one weekday lunch that I decide to venture down to Keisuke at Cineplex, where he sells his crab based ramen. It only opens at 12pm, but when I arrived at about 11.50am, there were already people waiting outside for the restaurant to open. Kiasu much!


Glad to see that ‘free eggs’ still exist here. I decided to try one of their interesting drinks – Green tea coke. On another occasion, I had their wasabi ginger ale. Couldn’t really taste green tea in the coke, and I think the ginger ale might have overpowered any taste of wasabi but oh well…. interesting drinks in the very least.


The first time I was there, I had the strong crab broth with all the toppings. I almost regretted it later when it arrived because it was a very busy looking bowl. In truth, I did have some trouble finishing the entire thing. First off, I would say that the crab taste is very evident and is absolutely delicious. If I were being super critical, the soft boiled eggs were a little over, but I suppose the broth more than makes up for it.


On subsequent visits, I tried the interesting fusion creation of crab broth ramen with mixed fried omelette. Presentation wasn’t so great, but the combination of the fluffy omelette, ramen broth and the tiny pieces of crab meat (oh sooo sweet!) were pretty good. I really enjoyed this combination very much.


Needless to say, Chef Keisuke Takeda has scored another ramen hit. Some have said that they prefer his lobster ramen at Clarke Quay, but I guess we’ll save that for another review when I get the opportunity to check it out (Clarke Quay outlet is only opened in the evenings unfortunately).

Add: 8 Grange Road, #01-03 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

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